Biomass fuel is fuel that is sourced from living or recently living organisms. The most common form of biomass used as fuel is wood.

There are numerous ways which wood can be utilised as a fuel source, for example;

Wood pellets, these are closely regulated high calorific value pellets manufactured for the sole purpose of being used as a fuel source.These are burned in specifically designed boilers which have high energy efficiencies. They normally require a purpose built storage area and the pellets can be fed manually or automatically to the boiler. Pellet boilers can be installed in such a way as to provide automatic heating and hot water is much the same way as a oil or gas boiler without constant attention from the end user. These are termed as low ash appliances which require infrequent cleaning of ash pans.

Logs, Logs boilers come in many different forms. Well seasoned or kiln dried logs are required as the fuel source. Some are room warming stoves with back boilers, some can be used to cook and/or provide heating and hot water. Another type of boiler is the high technology Log gasification boilers which automatically control the combustion of the fuel and therefore are highly efficient. The logs are batch fed and do require the end user to refuel regularly. Log boiler system can be installed to offer some degree of automation by installing heat banks and energy controls. Log gasification boilers are so efficient they are classed as low ash boilers and require infrequent cleaning of ash pans. A large store area is normally required for logs.

Wood chip, Wood chip boilers can burn lower grade fuels than the two mentioned above. They are normally utilised in commercial applications as the require a 'specific built' large storage area and also require extra maintenance and operation time. The main benefit of wood chip is that the fuel source can be less expensive as in some instances it can be sourced and chipped locally.

Biomass boilers attract RHI (renewable heat incentive payments), they also may be suitable for an interest free loan payable over 12 years.

Robert Cameron can design and install biomass installations to suit most situations. We have experience in all types of heating and hot water systems and a bespoke system can be supplied and installed in most domestic and commercial applications. We can also offer other renewable technologies or heating products to work in tandem with a biomass system which also can attract RHI payments. For example, solar thermal systems work well with biomass boilers as they greatly reduce the need for constant burning of biomass during the summers months.

Most biomass systems can be attached to an existing heating system and therefore reduces the disruption to the majority of the property. Oil, LPG, electric and solid fuel boilers are the most frequent types of boilers which are replaced by biomass.